Brush Clip

Panel attachment clip. Attachment/removable repeatedly. Suitable for wide range of panel thickness can also be set for small diameter holes

Cap Main Floor Drain

This part is located in floor area .The product is soundproof, odor proof and water proof to ensure the quiet environment inside the vehicle.

Seal, Floor Carpet Clip

This part is located in floor area rear sheet. To hold the carpet


This part is located in rear side to clamp the sun visor

Cushion, Meter Case

This part is located in speedometer in dashboard

Garnish Clip

Clip for attaching garnish or pillar to the instrument panel or body. Can be attached in a single operation, reducing the number of man-hours required the part of attachment is less than trim clip

Band Wire

Binders for cable wire etc. allow fasting and removal. Various type of clamping possible. Tightenable to prevent slack.

Cup holder

This is surely the most familiar among Nifco's automotive products. Since the product is carefully designed to be user-friendly and to give a luxurious feel, it boasts high user satisfaction.

Air vent

This composite product is installed at the air outlet of the air conditioner. Nifco has fine-tuned even the smallest movement and design of the product.

Sun-visor holder

This product holds the sun visor that protects the driver's eyes from direct sunlight. It is designed for the driver to easily attach and detach the sun visor, as well as with considerations to the temperature.

Assist grip

This product is a handgrip to provide stable support for getting in and out the vehicle, or while the vehicle is moving. The product has an internal damper and is designed with the concept of motion control to give a luxurious feel.

Clip as alternatives to Hog rings

This product is a metal ring that fastens the seat upholstery, pad, or pad support to the seat frame and seat spring. Nifco achieved this function with resin clips to improve the production efficiency and reduce its weight.

Center console lid

This product is installed between the driver's seat and the passenger's seat. Nifco's product is capable of technical movements to give a luxurious feel and improve marketability.

Sunglass holder

This product is a holder for sunglasses. The product securely holds sunglasses that normally have nowhere to stay and tend to get lost, and also makes the interior tidy.

Tether clip

This product fastens the pillar garnish. The product prevents the pillar garnish from hitting the passenger when the side air bag is inflated in the event of a crash.

Seat hook

This product enables the rear seat to be secured to the car body through a one touch method. This hook can function at both assembly and dis-assembly times.

Glove compartment damper

This product makes the glove compartment open quietly and slowly. This movement gives a luxurious feel to improve the vehicle's marketability.

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