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Managing Director

Born on 2nd Day of November, 1964, Mr. Udaya Shankar is a graduate in Industrial & Production Engineering from Bangalore University and has a Post Diploma in Tool Design from Government Toolroom & Training Centre (GTTC), Bangalore.

Mr. Shankar started his engineering career in Bangalore in the year 1987. He has a vivid experience of over 30 years. He joined Nifco Family as an Assistant Factory Manager (Mould) in Nifco Malaysia in the Year 1999. Prior to joining Nifco Family, Mr. Shankar was Manager (Engineering) at Ohkawa Mould Designs & Engineering, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

During the Setup of Nifco India in the year 2010, Mr. Shankar was deputed to India with the responsibility to successfully commence the New Factory operations at Manesar. He was initially designated as Plant Head of Nifco India and later in the Year 2014 he was promoted as Director of the Company. In the Year 2022 he was again promoted as Managing Director of the Company and holds the position till date.

Over the past several years, Mr. Shankar has spearheaded the growth of Nifco India with a strong focus on learning and education within Nifco, a culture which not only drives value for Customers and the entire Nifco Family, but extends outside the company as well.

Mr. Masaharu Shibao

Mr. Masaharu Shibao is the Representative Director, President and COO of Nifco Inc, Japan. Mr.Shibao joined Nifco group in 1985. He is a graduate in Engineering from Meiji University, Japan. He has a vast and extensive experience in Management of many overseas companies of Nifco Group

Mr. Shibao was appointed as an Additional Director of Nifco India on 24.06.2022 and regularised as Director in the Annual General Meeting held on 01.04.2023.

Previously, In the year 2010, he was appointed President of Nifco Deutschland GMBH. Subsequently, in the year 2015 he was appointed as Executive Officer of Nifco Inc. He also held the position of President of Nifco America Corp during the same period. He was later appointed as Director and Executive Managing Officer, CMO, Head of Sales of Nifco Inc., in 2016.

Mr.Shibao’s vast & valuable experience in various capacities and position within the Nifco group will help propel Nifco India growth in the future.


Mr. Mitsunobu Kubo was appointed as a Director of Nifco India on 9th April, 2021. He is a graduate in Economics from Meijo University, Japan and passed out in the year 1991.

He started his career with Nifco Inc. (Japan) in the same year. For period 2008 to 2012, he served Nifco America Corporation as General Manager of Sales. For Period 2012 to 2016, he served Nifco Inc. Nagoya Sales Department as General Manager, Sales. In year 2016 to 2018, Mr.Kubo was associated with Sales Strategy Office, Global Sales Control Division, Nifco Inc and in the year 2018 to 2020 he was promoted as Chief General Manager, Sales Control Division (I).

Currently Mr.Kubo is holding the position of Regional Head, ASEAN+India and also the Co-CEO of Nifco (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Mr.Kubo has immense knowledge and experience in the Sales domain for over 30 years and his experience will be a great asset for Nifco India.


Mr. Hirokuni Ishigaki graduated from MEIJO University in Mechanical Engineering in the year 1992.

He started his career as Production Engineer in the same year with Nifco Inc., Japan. He was promoted as Manager of Production Engineering in 2012 and served on the same position till 2014. He served as Manager of Assembly at Nifco Inc., Japan from 2014 to 2015. For the year 2015 to 2017, he was holding position of Manager of Production Engineering at Nifco America Corporation. In 2017 he was promoted as General Manager of Production at Nifco America Corporation. In 2018 he served Nifco Inc., Japan as General Manager of Equipment Development.

In 2019, he was promoted as General Manager in Project Gujarat Promotion Office. Subsequent to the starting of operations of the New Nifco Factory in Sanand, Gujarat, he was appointed as Plant Head of Nifco Gujarat. He was also appointed as a Director of Nifco India on 5th July, 2021.

Mr.Ishigaki has immense knowledge and vast experience in the Engineering domain for over 30 years and that will greatly benefit Nifco India.

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